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You talk. I listen.
And together, we can create.

When I design, I allow my inner creative child to channel thought into my designs.  As a UXer at Bank of America who graduated from Georgia Tech, I am passionate about diving deeper into the human experience to create accessible solutions.  

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Hey, it's Jhillika 

I love to manifest, and create. As an explorer of the world, I seek to understand the human mind and translate emotions through my designs. In every opportunity, I have had the chance to grow as a designer and apply that knowledge in my own ventures. From starting a juicing brand, to designing an entire company through a startup I founded called Mentra. 


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User Flow Diagrams, Wireframing, Low-fidelity Prototypes, High-fidelity Prototypes

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 Mobile & Web



DisneyNOW Wireframes, Journey Flow Diagrams, Symbols, Documentation


 Web & TV



User Research, Design Process, Wireframes, Prototypes of Mobile and Tablet apps

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 Tablet & Mobile


Silent Apparel

Branding, UI Design,  Marketing Strategy, Logotypes, Advertising Campaign, Brochure

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Brand Design


Jhill's Juice

Branding, UI Design, Marketing Strategy, Branding UX, Web/Mobile Design

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Brand Design



Brand and Graphic design,  Grid Structure,
Color Studies, Placement, Adobe InDesign


Magazine Design

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