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Hi, I’m Jhillika


Coming from a background in both engineering and Interaction design at Georgia Tech, I love connecting the dots between business goals, technical constraints and user satisfaction.

The shift in my career towards accessibility happened when I worked at Disney saw how universal design can solve real-world challenges at scale. In my journey in design, I’ve had the opportunity to work in both startup and enterprise environments on projects related to healthcare, banking and entertainment.


My Design Philosophy



The product’s design addresses the needs of a diverse audience and ensures a high-quality experience is delivered to all users regardless of background, gender, race, or ability.


The design reflects what the user may be thinking or feeling and creates a positive connection with them. Does this enhance the user’s feelings about the experience? Does the design keep the user engaged throughout their experience?

Intentionally solves a user problem that the designer has identified. Does it solve a problem?​​ A product that is useful isn’t always usable.


The design, structure, and purpose of the product is clear and easy to use. Is the design’s functionality easy to understand?
Can users accomplish specific tasks within the design?

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In 2018, Jhillika delivered a TEDx talk about how accessible technology transformed her brother's life as it distracted his mind from the physical world of disability. The smile that it brought him is the smile she wants to bring to millions of others with disabilities. 

Jhillika was awarded the Student of Vision Award for her social-entrepreneurship. and presented in front of over 25,000 technologists at the Keynote of the Grace Hopper conference in 2019. Her goal was to encourage companies across the world to “Tap into the unique potential of the neurodiverse community”. 


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On the weekends you can find Jhillika completing section hikes across the Appalachian Trail and camping in the forest- her favorite life hobby.

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