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Marketing Strategy, Branding UX, Web/Mobile Design

About the Project

I designed the UI of an app to help college students enrich their nutritional intake and lead a healthier lifestyle.  The business model is based on its easy to use app and website that provides a platform for people to place juice orders and decide which juice to get from the online menu. Our mission is to help with weight loss, detoxify the body, and keep college kids healthy when they themselves are too  busy to make healthy meals themselves.

My role as a designer

After creating the brand "Jhill's Juice", I conceptualized and created the integrated brand experience. This is the creation of a comprehensive, strategic, creative program for a brand including every graphic design and advertising application for that brand with an eye and mind on how consumers can experience and interact with the brand. To do this, I conducted research and analysis, synthesized brand strategy, visualized design concept, designed the brand vision and then developed and launched business.

The Logo

Designed a simple yet clear logo that incorporates the brand color scheme and simultaneously emphasizes the healthy "juice" quality with the graphic of the orange and color contrast of the orange.

Branding and Design

In order to accentuate the organic and healthy qualities of the product, selected these comforting yet neutral colors to ensure this standard.  I was very conscious to use this palette, as it would differentiate the company amongst the competitors. The target for the company is millennials and college students, and I felt the minimal & playful style would speak to the generation who hold minimalist brands in high regard.

The Typeface

The font I chose was Quicksand as it is light, easy to read and the round edges give it a playful feel which resonates with my target audience of youthful college students. The lightness adds a sense of professionality to emphasize the good and healthy quality of the juices.


User Interface for Web and Mobile

Brand Packaging

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