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The Mentra Platform

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Drove the end-to-end responsive web and mobile experience by collaborating with 4 designers to create visions, build user journey maps, and define screen schematics. Established a Lean-Agile design workflow using JIRA, Figma, and HotJar for seamless collaboration of UX Designers, User Researchers, Product Managers & Engineers to implement new features and translate the needs of 40 user tests into the product





Product Manager, 

4 UX Designers, 

2 User Researchers

Lead Product Designer & Co-founder

October 2020 -
July 2021

Debut at Grace Hopper, Diverseability Magazine,
ISE National Magazine


How do you decrease the dropoff rate of neurodiverse users walking through the job-finding process?

The job finding process is suboptimal for almost everyone, but its most prominent failure is evident in the neurodiverse community, where the unemployment rates reach 85% despite the unique and oftentimes extraordinary abilities that this community has to offer to the labor market.

The invisible barriers that permeate the job-finding process cause a sense of hopelessness and a frequent droff-off rate. The existing onboarding process went live to users in June 2021, however encountered low usage due to the length of the experience.


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Understanding the Ecosystem

Identify the challenges users face when walking through each phase the general job-finding process.


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Primary platform users

The primary users of the Mentra platform who have several pain points in their journey to search, apply, interview and work at a job. 

Service Providers

Universities, voc rehab and other talent hubs have difficulties with the manual processes of matching their clients/students with the best jobs for them.


Employers want to hire neurodiverse employees however have difficulty finding a centralized talent pool to source individuals from. 

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Analysis of the existing process
Users currently walk through a 20 minute gamified experience where they answer a range of questions that inform job finding process.

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Track dropoff rates at each step
Worked with the UX Research team to track the dropoff rates on the HotJar tool. Identified specific screens where users exited the application or did not continue.

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Re-architect the Onboarding experience to introduce an intuitive Dashboard to user facilitate tasks. This new flow reduces the complexity and congitive load for users.


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​​Establish a new button feature that allows users to take a break at each new section to reduce the cognitive load for neurodiverse users. 

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Designed Modals and Rewards Systems to prompt users to complete the Onboarding where they left off.

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Prompt users to complete their profile with check boxes that indicate remaining tasks. Introduce gamification with the steps to ‘Level Up’ in order to be visible to employers.

The guided walkthrough allows users to complete their Profile with minimal navigation and compexity.

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Built opportunities for positive reinforcement at the conclusion of each onboarding stage to create a pleasurable user experience.

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Build a form on the homepage to increase email engagement for candidates who dropoff.

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