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During my internship at Share This Space, I had the opportunity to work in Dubai as a web designer, focusing on the UI/UX of the platform, as well as the creative content manager. I was fortunate enough to work on many separate projects throughout the course of the summer: conducting research on user analytic,  integrating new features onto the software and concept creation, and research on social computing. I developed the prototype of the Share This Space website, designing drafts of the interface, developing the information architecture to organize content, and working with developers to directly influence the platform's structure. 


Used Google Analytics to evaluate the user flow into the online platform by assessing the biggest user traffic sources  and building a digital strategy to target the smaller segments. This Acquisition section extracted whether the traffic sources are organic, direct, referral, social or paid searches while the Channels provided standard reports.

Analysis of the User Behavior Flow report indicated how users traverse and interact with the website by visually depicting the content that kept users engaged with my site and indicating potential content issues. This helped with designing the information architecture as I worked to create effective page navigation and increase user self-sufficiency to enhance consumer satisfaction.

The Social Reports provided a breakdown of the social media networks sending traffic. As the Creative Content Manager, this was crucial to understanding how certain visuals could influence customer initiative and engagement with the online platform.


When working with the web developer, I had to provide visuals and diagrams as wireframes to effectively communicate design ideas. I focused on the allocation of space, distribution of images and content, available functions, intended user behavior and content prioritization. 


While the webpage was live and running, there were implementation bugs or content flaws that hindered the user interface. I gathered this data and created reports to send to the head web designer who would then send it on to the developer to make changes if approved.

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