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In 2018, Disney's research lab conducted usability testing- briefed by Product Managers and UX Designers on the important points that need to be tested within the app's prototype. Each child was given one of the four platforms: mobile, web, tablet, TV (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, etc.). Stages of test: Initial Interview, Natural Exploration, Task Navigation, Profile Creation and Concluding Questions.


Roku TV


Extracting information from studies

Task Completion Charts

For this project, I worked with Usability Metrics to quantify the usability of the system. Why is this done? To effectively communicate with the stakeholders of the system being evaluated and to satisfy the need for comparing the usability of two or more products and to quantify the severity of a usability problem.

Effectiveness can be calculated by measuring the completion rate. Referred to as the fundamental usability metric, the completion rate is calculated by assigning a binary value of ‘1’ if the test participant manages to complete a task and ‘0’ if he/she does not.


Context: On July 19th, Disney's research team and UX designers are conducting a series of Usability Tests to test new features: Search, profile creation, games testing and new navigation bar. To prepare for the studies, I created a research plan for the stakeholders (PMs, Software Engineers, Researchers) to use in order to observe specific behaviors that lend insight into the overall User Experience. Plan was created on Confluence.

Goal: Created a standard template to be used in future studies.​

Why is it useful?

Software engineers and PMs- mostly interested in the study’s goal, research questions and schedule. In some cases, they are also interested in the criteria for participants. These stakeholders are usually interested in goals and questions because these determine the content of the study and its focus.


They are interested in the schedule to make sure it enables them to make timely design, business and development decisions. Criteria for participants interest them when the product targets a very specific demographic and they want to make sure participants are representative of that demographic.

Managers and executives-  probably interested in the study’s goal and the overall cost of the study, because they are likely sponsoring the study. Usually, their bandwidth does not allow them more than that.

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