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about me


“Focus on the user and all else will follow” 

In my journey through the realms of computer science,  and human centered interaction, I've begun to truly understand the importance of empathetic design in the process. My undergraduate study of Computational Media, and Graduate study of Digital Media has provided me deep insight into the computational, psychological and societal implications of the experiences are products are designed to create. 

TedX Georgia Tech Speaker

My Ted Talk, titled  "Empowering the Disabled: Accessibility at the Forefront of Design" was aimed at building empathy to design an inclusive world. I  hoped that by sharing my story with the young and ambitious members of the Tech community, they can be the innovators of the future that give the blind the ability to watch TV, or an autistic person, the ability to work contribute to society. By sharing my story and videos on social media, I hope to move people on a global scale so we can all take a step forward together towards an inclusive digital world. 

After working on a project at Disney to enhance the accessibility of their online streaming service, working with AMAC on campus and Excel, I decided to collaborate with other students at Georgia Tech to found a non-profit on campus called AxisAbility. I gave talks at the Design Club meetings and Microsoft Student Partner Events we hosted about Microsoft’s Inclusive Design campaign and empowering communities.

Founder of Non-Profit


Grace Hopper


In my sophomore year, I received a scholarship to attend the Anita Borg Grace Hopper Women in Computing 2017 conference. I had the incredible opportunity to watch Melinda Gates speak, meet other driven and ambitious women in the Tech industry and was interviewed with Disney, where I was selected to work as an intern at their headquarters in Burbank, Los Angeles.

Universal Design Toolkit

Collaborated with a team of Master's students to design a Universal Design Toolkit based on our extensive research at Starbucks. Our goal was to reflect on our own design process in implementing an inclusive solution to enhance the coffeeshop experience.We hope that our insights can be used as simple starting points towards meaningful change.

Accessibility Lab Initiative at Disney

My internship at Disney taught me that accessibility allows us to tap into every individual’s latent potential - I tried to create an Accessibility Testing Lab at Disney. After the internship, I went on to building a startup in college called AxisAbility.

My design process
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.03.00 PM.png

Discovering the problem is essential to create a user-centered design by conducting research through field studies and user interviews.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.02.43 PM.png

To create a delightful experiences for the user, I use design methods like task analysis, journey Mapping, persona building & design reviews.

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I love turning ideas into powerful screen designs with seamless navigation, intuitive flow and detailed documentation.

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